Troop Songs
The Troop Song
(Tune: Washington & Lee)

To good old Troop Fourteen we sing today,
And we will serve in ev'ry Scouting way;
Our colors red and white we wear with pride,
And other troops to reach us try and try and try,
But ever then our standards are supreme,
We are the members of a winning team;
To ev'ry call for service we respond
For good old Troop Fourteen, rah , rah.

Fourteen's Husky Hearts
(Tune: Marines' Hymn)

From the hills of Tamalpais
To the fires of Royaneh
Along the trails of Scouting
Troop Fourteen leads the way.
No matter what the weather
Be it stormy or be fair
You will find that Fourteen's husky hearts
Will always be right there.

Upon the treasured Trophy Skin
Each patrol has put its name
And will strive once more to put it there
And win undying fame.
So we raise our voices and we sing
To the troop that we love best
And we'll prove that Fourteen's hearts
Will always lead the West.

All hail the Scouts of Fourteen
Bold, courageous men;
There's nothing that can stop us
We'll win, and win again.

In the bonds of friendship ever new
We'll always stand as one
Until the job is done;
And in our hearts Fourteen will always be
Pointing out the way to victory.
The Troop Hymn
(Tune: Alma Mater)

In a city rich in Scouting
Resting by the sea;
Here was started long ago
Fourteen's destiny.
Through the years of strength and glory
Finer ne'er were seen
Than the ones who sing this story;
Hail to Troop Fourteen.

The Marching Song
(Tune: Yankee Rose)

We march along
Each step is strong
Our heads are high
And we tell the reason why:
We're proud you see
Of vic-tory
And with ev'ry stride
We feel inside
The power and the spirit of Fourteen.

Brrrm, brrrm, brrrm - brrrm - brrrm.
Brrrm, brrrm, brrrm - brrrm - brrrm.